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Royal Caribbean International (RCI), also formerly known as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL), is a cruise line brand founded in 1968 in Norway and organised as a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL) since 1997. Based in Miami, Florida, United States, it is the largest cruise line by revenue and second largest by passengers counts. In 2018, Royal Caribbean International controlled 19.2% of the worldwide cruise market by passengers and 14.0% by revenue.It also operates the four largest passenger ships in the world. As of July 2019, the line operates twenty-six ships and has six additional ships on order.

An angry customer said this in a review "Still waiting for my refund after Royal Caribbean International canceled my May 2 transatlantic cruise. I have been told many times to just wait. It has been nearly four months and I have yet to receive a full refund. Do not book with this cruise line. They do not honor their financial commitments to their customers. I am considering litigation at this point in time."


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Chef de Cuisine (Former Employee) says

"It was hard to stay committed to assigned period of time I had at this company, the employees are miserable and the management was worse. I can't recommend this job."

Restaurant Attendant & Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"HR, Chief of Security, Supervisors, and Managers, including Medical staff, covered up their harassment and refused medical treatment of their work visa employees. Anyone on a work visa worked longer hours and had more work forced upon them. Threats were made by management to not report them to HR. In fact, many of us were sprayed by chemicals and ended up sick from it, once reported to HR, Security packed up my bags, Royal Caribbean canceled my contract, they called the cops, escorted me like a criminal to the airport, and deported me back to El Salvador."

Explorations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Fun ar first. The company had soul 5 years ago. Now its become a corporate circus. Pay and comission had been great. But we were getting "too much " pay said corporate so they did away with it and now over work you and expect you to smile."

Waiter (Former Employee) says

"La empresa es muy negrera y el trato hacia el personal es muy malo así como de los huéspedes que van de visita , nadie valora el trabajo y el sacrificio que hace cada uno de los crew members de todo el mundo, ya que dejamos a nuestras familias solas por ir a atender a otras que ni siquiera lo agradecen ."

commis 1 (Former Employee) says

"not good the salary if we compare with the working hours in the cruise ship"

mesera (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa la cual no se preocupa por sus empleados ya que los ven como un número más, no hay beneficios y mucho menos buenos tratos"

Sport staff (Former Employee) says

"Work place poor . Management. Communication. Lot of crew resign due to poor management. Is not what they offer to you . Manager with not experienced."

Stage and production manager (Current Employee) says

"Salary not good company does not look out for employess, theres to much ship building to quickly and there are no good benifits sorry to say but all the rest company pays better"

Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"lots of room for advancement. Employer relies heavily on attendance. Be prepared for consequences if you have sick family or children and have to miss work, they do not understand at times."

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"You are a number with this company and easily replaced. They want you to work way too many hours for what you are paid. I found myself reading self care books during a contract to get me through.travelamount you are required to work"

Middleware Engineer (Contractor) says

"No organization to process work accordingly and effectively, constant change of managers and employees. No one wants to help or share information trying to keep job security."

Liquor and cigar specialist (Former Employee) says

"oh canada our home and native land true patriot love in all thy sons command with lowing hearts we see thee rise the true north strong and free from far"

Certified Vacation Planner (Former Employee) says

"tons of service calls on sales line, worst training I have ever seen, dishonest with customers and lots of unhappy resentful coworkers, company lies to their guests and employeesNoneMicromanaged by people that know nothing"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The worst mangers and leadership. Every one is looking for another company to join. Only take the position to make money to look for another job. Keep your distance."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The management in this place is a joke! Save yourself the headache! You have to be a yes person to get anywhere in the company. The management pass over real talent and promote the person that is willing to do anything. The company claims it cares about the employees but really they are just a number to them. The company is constantly hiring because of how poorly the management treats people.Nice officemanagement"

Loyalty Agent (Former Employee) says

"No matter how good you are its not good enough. I was pushed beyond belief. They have over 25% turn over every year. They keep their employees in the dark"

Customer Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"productive and fun workplace, the staff is fun and very understanding, they work well with their employee's and staff. love the work environment and staff, a very fun place to work but only offers part time jobs"

Trade Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It was ok until trade support became customer service without the actual title change. The consumer site was always broken and corporate kept making stupid changes leading to many departments being understaffed. Constantly threatened with mandatory overtime if you didn't sign up. Co workers were great, the managers did there best. The best part of the job was benefits. Although the Wichita call center isn't as good as the centers in Miami and I cant remember the city the other was in, those centers had more to offer. Example: Our holiday party was at a bar where you couldn't bring a plus 1 and if you waited too long to RSVP you couldn't attend because the venue wasn't large enough for all employees to go... Miami had a party at a hotel with food, drink, door prizes, raffles and live entertainment.... we found this out when an email meant for Miami was sent to all employees by mistake...great cruise benifitslow morale, over worked"

Vacation Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Wouldnt recommend working here. I may have been a top seller for a couple consecutive months, but its a rude location, smokers, felons, and vulgar managers. Who wants to be on the phone trying to sell a cruise package and then upgrade the package and next thing you know you have a 100 staples flying at your head and 30 paper clips flying towards you the manager hoping it lands down your shirt as a game. Its like Im trying to make you money throwing things at me while I'm on the phone isn't helping.Motivational meetings for people who need itRude people"

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"Weren't organized for a up coming business. they cut hours the first week of you starting their job. no customer skills the managers don't have any experience and aren't prepared for any emergencies. horrible place! would never recommend"

Charles Kerr says

"My friends and I booked a cruise on Vision of the Seas for January 9th 2017 to celebrate my husbands 75th birthday. We booked and paid at same time. We were allocated deck 2 my friends on deck 4. We immediately contacted RC who more or less told us "tough". The travel agent after much harassment, managed to get us to deck3! I have e-mailed RC at least 10 times to no avail. They just keep putting me off by telling me someone else will deal with it. I feel it is disingenuous of RC to take your money before telling you that you are going to be allocated the lowest deck possible. We would never have booked had we known that was the case and of course it would now cost us £300.00 to cancel. Certainly not good service. Make sure if you book you find out what deck you're on first. VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER."

Sivebæk says

"We had a very nice cruise with the Oasis in October 13 - and decided that this was certainly not our last trip with RCCL On board we therefore filled out an application for membership of the Crown & Anchor Society and were told, that it would be a fortnight before we heard something in reply. WE HAVE NEVER HEARD FROM THEM. After coming home I wrote RCCL an email praising the cruise and the ship we left a week earlier, and at the same time I asked them some questions regarding their new smoking policy effective from January 1st 2014. I HAVE NEVER HEARD FROM THEM. As a danish citizen I contacted RCCL Nordic 2 weeks later explaining the trouble and after another two weeks we finally received our membership numbers. All we had to do was login on RCCL's website and activate them. My guess is, that WE'VE TRIED TO DO SO ABOUT A HUNDRED TIMES. Quite soon I wrote RCCL USA and Nordic explaining a malfunction on their website - after a while I heard from Nordic, but NOT A WORD FROM RCCL HQ. A month before Christmas the Nordic division emailed me telling that the american collegues responsible for the website were on holiday, but things would be fixed as soon as they were back. Just about a week earlier the Nordic division had let me know, that my questions regarding smoking policy would soon be answered from the department whom it concerns. ..and by the way we signed up for emails concerning campaigns, discounts and such, and have never received just one - and yes, we do check the spamfilter in our email. So even though we signed up, we receive nothing - and from our travel agent we know that there are lots of campaigns and offers. Maybe they're a secret to previous customers in order to lure som new ones into buying a cruise. Tody is January 11th 2014, and I HAVE HEARD NOTHING SINCE LATE NOVEMBER 13 All this just to let future customers know, that you are ill adviced to expect any kind of service from RCCL once your cruise has ended."

Beverley Careless says

"Not impressed with the ethos or customer service. I would take at least an hour to list all of the inadequate services, but basically there is a huge discrepancy between staff. You have to que for the most basic information, which can be incorrect, depending who you speak to. This information could be left in your rooms in a basic booklet, as with all hotels. Booking shows is difficult, unless you download their app, but firstly you have to buy Wifi, something which is free in most high street coffee shops. Today I managed to get one of the ships information iPads to work. It told me that there were cards and games in the Chic Restaurant, but when I got there, the lady front of house, told me she did not know what I was talking about. She then offered to make a dinner reservation !! It us like dealing with badly programmed robots. You are only truly engaged with, when they want to sell you something. Never again, I wish that I would have flown. I'm so sorry for the money that I've wasted, which was saved for a long time."

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